Site Security


You may be used to visiting us at – now, our new home on the web is here at KennebecSavings.Bank!

Our switch to KennebecSavings.Bank provides you with a more protected, trusted, and easily identifiable location for you to do your banking.

In order to acquire a .Bank address, an organization must be a verified member of the banking industry, and must meet advanced security requirements, including enhanced encryption.

We are working with our partners and vendors to move our entire online presence onto the .Bank domain. We appreciate your patience as we undergo this transition for your safety and security.

Behind-the-Scenes Site Security

Kennebec Savings utilizes behind-the-scenes scanning services to monitor for unauthorized changes and signs of defacement to our webpages. Rest assured that the site you are on is owned by us, and any communication between your browser and our site is private and secure.

See also: Online Safety for general online account security information as well as specific Online Banking safety information.