Investment Management & Trust Services

We Succeed by Helping Clients Succeed

For more than 150 years, Kennebec Savings Bank has helped individuals, nonprofit organizations, and municipalities meet their financial goals and grow their resources.
Our investment management and trust team was established in 2000 to provide our clients:
  • Investment management
  • Financial advisory services
  • Trust administration
The key to our success is our team of trust professionals with more than an average of 20 years of asset management and trust experience based in Augusta, Maine, combined with our partnership with FCI Advisors. This partnership leverages five decades of experience working with fiduciary-quality investment solutions. It allows us to be highly responsive and flexible while at the same time remain lean and efficient.

For our clients this means access to an investment team with the depth and stability of investment professionals who manage over 13 billion dollars. When combined with the experience and accessibility of Kennebec Savings Bank’s local investment and trust professionals, our clients receive a high degree of personalized client service.

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Asset Management

The investment process begins with client objectives.
A Kennebec Savings Bank team member will work with you to assess your financial goals, risk tolerance, and income needs. Then, they can guide you through your product options, suggest the most tax-efficient strategies, and create a plan to build and protect your wealth.
  • Understanding your needs
  • Assessing your comfort with risk
  • Selecting investments and allocating your assets
  • Providing unbiased advice and trade implementation
  • Continual review of progress toward your plan and suggesting appropriate changes

Advice-Based Planning

We offer personalized advice to help you meet all your financial goals through the management of taxable investment accounts, IRAs & other retirement accounts, estate accounts, endowments, and trusts.
  • Gather data and determine goals and expectations
  • Analyze and evaluate
  • Develop and recommend
  • Implement
  • Monitor
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Our Invitation to You

Look to Kennebec Savings Bank for a full-range of money management and trust services. Here you will find an emphasis on responsive, personal service that is rare in today’s world. We cordially invite you to become better acquainted with us, our people, and our services. Simply call (207) 622-5801 or write us to arrange an appointment.

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Fiduciary Trust Services

By law, we must follow the Fiduciary Standard of Care. This requires Kennebec Savings Bank’s investment and trust team to act solely in the client’s best interests when offering personalized financial advice. At Kennebec Savings Bank, a local trust officer will carry out the terms of your trust and ensure that it is invested properly to meet the goals.
  • Professional trust planning advice
  • Acting as an experienced trustee to administer all facets of your trust on behalf of you and your beneficiaries
  • Working with your legal and tax advisors to find just the right options to manage, grow, and protect your assets for the future
  • Privacy and probate avoidance
  • Planning in case of incapacity
  • Blended family planning
  • Special needs trust planning
  • Managing multi-generational asset transfers
  • Charitable giving solutions

Do You Need a Trust?

There are numerous benefits provided through trusts.

A trust is a legal entity created to accomplish any number of specific goals. A trust can avoid probate and pass your assets quickly and privately to your heirs. A trust can provide management of your assets if you’re incapacitated. Parents may set up a trust to provide for the future needs of their children or grandchildren. A couple may set up a trust to protect their assets from estate tax. Charitable individuals may set up a trust that pays lifetime income, and then passes assets to a charity after their death.

Kennebec Savings Bank Investment & Trust Services can help you assess your situation, and help determine if a trust would help you achieve your goals. We’ll manage your trust in accordance with your wishes, the trust document, and with the best interest of your beneficiaries in mind.

  • Experienced trust officers
  • Professional investment management
  • Record keeping
  • Tax reporting
  • Investment and trust services in our office or in your home

Estate Planning

Each transfer of property you make to another person can be subject to estate or gift tax. This is true whether the transfer occurs during your lifetime or upon your death.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, but with proper planning, we can protect your estate from paying more in state and federal taxes than it should.
  • Professional estate planning advice
  • Reducing exposure to estate and inheritance taxes
  • Planning for tax advantaged distributions during life and after death
  • Serving as personal representative of your estate

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