Leadership, Directors, and Corporators

Guiding with Experience, Professionalism, and Focus

Kennebec Savings Bank’s leadership team has years of professional experience spanning all areas of financial management and community banking. Our leaders are held to the highest of standards, serving as the bedrock for our organization’s workforce and instilling a positive, trustworthy culture across the institution.

Learn more about our leadership team including their passions and how they each give back to the communities we serve.

Leadership Team

Kennebec Savings Bank's Andrew Silsby

President & Chief Executive Officer 

Headshot of Craig Garofalo

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Loan Officer

Headshot Kris Avery

Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Headshot of Debra Getchell

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Kennebec Savings Bank's Michelle Labonte

Senior Vice President & Senior Residential Lender

Headshot of David Roy

Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer

Headshot of Dan Swindler

Senior Vice President & Chief Banking Operations Officer

Headshot of Aline Taylor

Senior Vice President & Chief Retail Banking Officer

Board of Directors

  • Chair: Charles W. Hays, Jr.
  • Vice Chair: Mary A. Denison
  • Clerk: Andrew E. Silsby
  • Norman S. Elvin
  • Christopher L. Gaunce
  • Diane F. Hastings
  • Mark L. Johnston
  • Alison A. Lorenz
  • Douglas E. Reinhardt
  • William W. Sprague, Jr.
  • Amy P. Tardiff

Officers & Key Managers

Gail P. Conley

Regional Vice President & Director of Investment Services

Rene M. Couverette

Regional Vice President & Enterprise Risk & Business Continuity

David M. Eldridge

Regional Vice President & Commercial Banking Officer

David A. Grenier

Regional Vice President & Commercial Banking Officer

Nicolas G. Patenaude

Regional Vice President & Assistant Treasurer

Amos M. Byron

Vice President & Senior Trust Officer

Amanda L. Cooley

Vice President & Marketing and Communications Officer

Matthew W. Dwyer

Vice President & Residential Lending Manager

Sharon L. Etscovitz

Vice President & Loan Servicing Officer

Brent L. Hall

Vice President & Commercial Banking Officer

James R. Lagasse

Vice President & Information Security Officer

Gary Lapierre

Vice President & Loan Officer

Ian McCarthy

Vice President & Director of Business Banking

Jessica J. Norton

Vice President & Banking Systems Officer

Paige A. O'Donnell

Vice President & Retail Regional Manager - Southern Division

Michael Pietroski

Vice President & Retail Regional Manager - Central Division

Angela B. Robbin

Vice President, Regulatory Counsel, CRA & Senior Compliance Officer

D. Mark Stebbins

Vice President, Senior Credit & Appraisal Analyst

Jim Tribou

Vice President & Senior Commercial Credit Officer

Tracy L. Warren

Vice President & Loan Officer

Nathan Archibald

Assistant Vice President & Commercial Portfolio Manager

Erin N. Bechard

Assistant Vice President & BSA Officer

Jean M. Conway

Assistant Vice President & Senior Financial Analyst

Heather Dutill

Assistant Vice President & Director of Loan Operations

Heather O. Knowles

Assistant Vice President & Controller

Carol L. Payne

Assistant Vice President, Vendor Management & Security Officer

Angela Rackliff

Assistant Vice President & Customer Care and Customer Experience Manager

Anthony W. Rhoades

Assistant Vice President & Loan Officer

Marco Stigling

Assistant Vice President & Residential and Consumer Lending Manager

Lydia M. Tuttle

Assistant Vice President & Loan Officer

Todd E. Wentworth
Assistant Vice President & Creative Officer

Benjamin A. Weymouth

Assistant Vice President & Technology Officer

Nicholas C. Guiou

Compliance Officer

Tamara R. Hillman-Tardiff

Loan Officer

Sarah W. Sachs

President, KFS Mortgage Company


  • P. Nicholas Alberding
  • James W. Bass
  • Laura J. Benedict
  • Brian S. Berry
  • John D. Blouin
  • Dr. Mark E. Bolduc
  • Michelle A. Bragg
  • Kevin R. Bunker
  • Amos M. Byron
  • Jessica J. Clark
  • Gail P. Conley
  • Philip W. Davidson
  • Cathy A. DeMerchant
  • Mary A. Denison
  • Steven E. Diaz, MD
  • George W. Diplock, Jr.
  • Katie L. Doherty
  • Timothy M. Dunham
  • Jordanne B. Dunn, DMD
  • Matthew W. Dwyer
  • David M. Eldridge
  • Norman S. Elvin
  • Edward J. Fabian III
  • Michael J. Fortin
  • Scott D. Fossett
  • Sarah P. Fuller
  • Phyllis Gardiner
  • Craig J. Garofalo
  • Christopher L. Gaunce
  • Debra A. Getchell
  • David A. Grenier
  • Daren S. Hachey
  • Brent L. Hall
  • Donn E. Harriman
  • Diane F. Hastings
  • Charles W. Hays, Jr.
  • Bradley A. Hendrickson
  • William S. Hill
  • Charles L. Hippler III
  • Kathleen B. Hounsell
  • Jeffrey E. Hubert
  • Jennifer L. Johnson
  • Mark L. Johnston
  • Kevin P. Joseph
  • Earle R. Kenney
  • Michelle P. Labonte
  • Patricia P. Ladd
  • Donald O. Lagace, Jr.
  • James R. Lagasse
  • Joseph M. Lajoie
  • R. Howard Lake
  • James S. LaLiberty
  • Gary Lapierre
  • Raegan F. LaRochelle
  • Alison A. Lorenz
  • Andrew B. MacLean
  • Abigail B. Manter
  • Robert M. Marden
  • Walter F. McKee
  • Nicole O. McSweeney
  • Chelsea B. Moeller
  • Robert M. Moore
  • Stacey L. Morrison
  • L. Michael Murphy
  • Lisa L. Newell
  • Anita M. Nored
  • Mary Kathleen O'Halloran
  • Tobias R. Parkhurst
  • Gary R. Peachey
  • Michele L. Pelletier
  • Daniel S. Petersen
  • Rachel A. Petersen
  • Gregory R. Piper
  • Donald J. Plourde
  • Matthew G. Pouliot
  • William D. Purington II
  • Rebecca J. Pushard
  • Allan L. Rancourt
  • David J. Roy
  • Michael Roy
  • Andrew E. Silsby
  • William W. Sprague, Jr.
  • Ingrid L. Stanchfield
  • D. Mark Stebbins
  • Paul D. Stein
  • Lauren A. Sterling
  • Barton J. Stevens
  • Robin M. Struck
  • Brian H. Tarbuck
  • Amy P. Tardiff
  • Jonathan R. Tardiff
  • Eben A. Thomas
  • Matthew L. Walters
  • Tracy L. Warren
  • P. Kevin Wellenius
  • Dennis S. Wheelock
  • Stephen J. Wood
  • Courtney E. Yeager

Honorary Corporators

  • Stephen W. Albison
  • Cecile A. Bouffard
  • Nona O. Boyink
  • Leo W. Caron
  • Richard A. Coleman
  • Daniel J. Dubord
  • Maurice G. Fortin
  • Thomas E. Foster
  • Carole T. Fryover
  • Moira H. Fuller
  • Gary L. Hammond
  • Robert C. Hutchinson
  • Roger J. Katz
  • Warren C. Kessler
  • Dr. H. Winston Kipp
  • Peter E. Meulendyk
  • Mary L. Morrison
  • Leo J. Murphy
  • Michael A. Napolitano, Jr.
  • Richard D. O'Connor
  • Reginald E. Perry
  • William H. Perry
  • Joan Phillips-Sandy
  • Douglas E. Reinhardt
  • Jack D. Smart
  • Susan S. Thomas
  • Peter G. Thompson
  • Thomas A. Trafton
  • Leo J. Violette
  • Sumner A. Webber, Sr.
  • Dorothy S. Weeks