Travel Security

Notifying Us

If you have a card with us that you intend to use in another part of the United States or abroad (or would like to have ready in an emergency), fill out our travel notice form here, or call us, email us, or stop by a branch to let us know of your travel plans, preferably a week in advance.

Your card is designed to evaluate and block unusual activity, including transactions made outside of your ordinary geographical area. Notifying us helps prevent this from occurring.

Card Access Abroad

In some areas of the world, we have automatic rules regarding card access for your safety. Please check with us to confirm whether or not ATM or in-store transactions are blocked in any countries in which you are spending time (including layovers).

Chip Cards

Traveling without a chip in your card? All new and reissued KSB debit and credit cards are now chip cards. If you're not currently a cardholder with us, call us and request your card and experience improved international acceptance.

Foreign Currency

We offer self-service foreign currency ordering! Order online here and have your currency shipped directly to your home.

Traveling Safety & Tips

  • Memorize your PIN. You can also call 1-800-992-3808 to reset your PIN to something you can easily remember.
  • Double-check your account balances and credit limits as well as your card’s expiration date before you leave.
  • Transfer funds to your primary checking account – some foreign ATMs only allow you to withdraw cash from one account.
  • Be careful when using ATMs – whenever possible, use only in well-lit, populated areas. If an ATM has no US (or global) card networks, your card may not work; check for card network logos on or near the machine that you recognize.
  • Ensure you know your Online Banking & Mobile Banking challenge questions if you will be logging in from a computer or device you’ve never used before. If you don’t have Online or Mobile Banking, sign up today.
  • Plan ahead and schedule upcoming bill payments to be taken care of automatically through Bill Pay.
  • Consider writing down and storing our 24/7 international customer service phone numbers for debit and credit cards in a separate location from your wallet, in case your cards are lost or stolen.
    • International number for debit cards: 1-973-682-2652
    • International number for credit cards: 1-301-945-3560

      Enjoy your trip!