Scam Awareness


The act of sending fraudulent email solicitations, known as phishing, is on the rise. Phishing is conducted by cyber-criminals who are attempting to gain personal and confidential information from you. They copy the logos and content styles of financial institutions in an attempt to gain a response from the recipient of the email. The recipient may or may not be a customer of that financial institution; the perpetrators gather email lists and mass-spam everyone in hopes that some recipients will be tricked. In most cases, neither the email addresses nor any other data have been compromised from the institutions that have been targeted.
Please contact us at (207) 622-5801 if you have questions about emails you receive from us.

Voice Phishing (Vishing)

Cyber-crime does not end at emails; they can occur on the phone as well. Voice phishing can be as simple as a persuasive fraudster claiming to be us, calling you to lure you in to giving out personal financial information. Sometimes, it may involve sophisticated spoofing systems – even using technology to mask the true originating number and displaying a different, valid phone number.

SMS Phishing (Smishing)

SMS phishing is the act of using Short Message Service (SMS), or text messaging, to send fraudulent communications to customers in the hope of receiving nonpublic information in return. Currently, the only Bank services utilizing text messages are Text Banking and Online Banking Alerts, both of which are optional and do not require you to send nonpublic information through text.

It is not common practice for Bank employees to text customers. If you don’t know a Bank employee outside of work, treat all such communication with suspicion.

Please note: No representative of the Bank will ever ask you for your card's PIN over the phone, by text, or through any other channel.

Please do not respond to these requests for information, as your information is not going to legitimate institutions, but to those individuals who wish to commit crimes with your personal information. If you have any suspicions about an email, call, or text that you believe might not be us, hang up and call us back at (207) 622-5801.