Online Banking Help (Business)

Your Business Online Banking experience comes with a host of exciting features to make managing your business’s finances easier. Please be sure to read the following information. Our Business Account Management Team is standing by to assist you at 207-622-5801.

  • Tokens: Token users are required to maintain a password in addition to tokens and multi-factor authentication.
  • ACH and Wires: Our system will require you to contact the Bank prior to submitting a file or wire if you are going to exceed your limit.
  • SmartSource Professional Scanner: All users with a SmartSource Professional Scanner need to update a setting prior to completing your first deposit.
  • Desktop Remote Deposit Capture (RDC): All Desktop RDC customers will need to install the app from the Microsoft store in order to scan check deposits.
  • Positive Pay Single Sign-on (SSO): With this feature, you will no longer need an extra log in to remember and maintain.
  • Online Banking Transfers: Online banking transfers are viewable and editable. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our Customer Care Team at 207-622-5801.

Business Online Banking Features

  • Desktop Remote Deposit Capture*
  • ACH Origination*
  • Wire Origination*
  • Positive Pay for Checks and ACH*
  • Multiple users/logins
  • Can consolidate accounts (business & personal, multiple businesses)
*Note: these features have separate fees.

Many small businesses will be best suited for our regular Online Banking service. Contact us if you are unsure and would like to discuss in greater detail!

Can I have both Online Banking and Business Online Banking?

Yes, you can have both Online Banking and Business Online Banking.

How do I enroll?

Contact our Business Account Management Team to get started. We will work with you to get you set up appropriately to meet your business requirements.

How does Bill Pay work in Business Online Banking?

Business Online Banking users have the same Bill Pay service as Online Banking users. Users and sub-users may access the Bill Pay service.

I’m experiencing issues after logging in to Business Online Banking. What should I do?

We recommend clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies, and setting your browser up to allow third-party cookies and content from You may also try to disable any ad and pop-up block extensions you are using. Our Business Account Management Team is standing by to assist you at 207-622-5801.

How is Business Online Banking secured?

For customers that use cash management services (Desktop Remote Deposit Capture, ACH origination, and wire origination), users will be set up with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA helps prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing account information or initiating unwanted account activity, particularly because cash management services allow funds to be transferred out of your organization's accounts. If you are a first-time MFA user, give us a call and we can walk you through the login process.