Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks using the Kennebec Savings Bank mobile app

Make mobile deposits when and where you want using the Kennebec Savings Bank mobile app! All you need is a phone or tablet with Mobile Banking.

How Do I Get Started?

After downloading the Kennebec Savings Bank Mobile Banking app, there are three ways to start a mobile deposit:

  • From the Accounts screen, swipe left on an account, then tap the Deposit camera icon to start a mobile deposit into that account.
  • While reviewing account transactions, tap the Deposit Check button at the top of the screen.
  • From the Accounts, Transfers, Bill Pay, or More screens, tap the Deposit icon at the bottom of the app. If you start a mobile deposit using this method, use the first field to select the appropriate deposit account for the transaction.
Then, follow the on-screen prompts to complete your mobile deposit.

Mobile Deposit Tips

  • Mobile deposit may be used for checks of any amount.
  • Sign the back of your check as usual, and be sure to write For Mobile Deposit Only (or the acronym FMDO) under your signature to ensure a successful deposit.
  • When capturing an image of a check, toggle the button from Manual to Auto at the top right of your device screen. This may assist with camera focus and image clarity.
  • Deposit multiple items in one transaction by tapping the Add Item button.
  • Convenient email notifications will alert you when your deposits have been reviewed and accepted.

Other Important Details

  • Mobile Deposit History: Review your mobile deposit history and status by tapping the file folder button at the top left of the Check Deposit screen.
  • Processing Time: Make deposits at any time, but please be aware that funds may not be immediately credited to your account. Mobile deposits are subject to review by the Bank. Until the deposit status is “Accepted,” funds will not be reflected in your account balance. Convenient email alerts will notify you when your deposit is accepted.
  • Cutoff Time: Deposits made before 4 PM Monday through Friday will be reviewed and credited the same day. Deposits received after 4 PM, on the weekend, or on Federal holidays may not be processed until the next business day.
  • Retention: Keep deposited checks for 14 days or until verifying that the deposit has successfully posted. Then, destroy them.