Mobile Banking Card Controls and Alerts

Manage your debit cards with a tap or click.

Kennebec Savings Bank's Online Banking and Mobile Banking app give you greater control and security over your debit cards. Features include:

  • Transaction amount limits
  • Location limits
  • Merchant type limits
  • Block all non-recurring transactions
  • Alerts when transactions occur based on your preferences

Getting Started

The Debit Card Controls feature requires you to be enrolled in Online Banking or Mobile Banking and requires you to have an active debit card attached to an account to which you have access.

Access Debit Card Controls from Online Banking or Mobile Banking by selecting Tools & Services, then Debit Card Controls. Debit cards tied to your account automatically load into a card carousel. Select the card you wish to manage by swiping through them (if you have more than one).

screenshot of Kennebec Savings Bank Manage your cards

Block Card

Tapping the Block Card switch will block all pending and non-recurring transactions from going through immediately. Blocked will display across the card image in your card carousel. Blocking a card will remove your ability to set additional card limits.

Alerts and Controls

Scroll down and tap Alerts and Controls to manage features. From Alerts and Controls, you can tap to block or unblock, manage alerts, manage card controls, and update contact information.

Manage Cards Alerts

Card alerts can be sent via push notification, SMS message, or email. Options for alerts include:

  • International
  • On a per-transaction dollar amount limit
  • By transaction type
  • By merchant type
Toggle alerts on and off based on your preference. Note: alerts will message you, but they will not prevent the transaction from occurring.

Setting Alert Delivery Method

From the Alerts and Controls screen, scroll all the way down and tap under Update Registration. This will open a window with your contact method options. Check to select and tap done to save. These can be adjusted at any time.

Note: if an update needs to be made to a delivery method, this is done under Settings, then Contact in Online Banking/Mobile Banking.

Manage Card Controls

Card controls allow blocking of transactions based on preferred parameters.

Location Limits

You may choose to block international transactions, or specify a location radius where transactions are allowed. Specifying a location requires you to choose the radius size around the location. The radius size defaults to 25 miles, but you can choose to have a radius as small as 5 miles and as large as 500 miles.

Please note that location limits apply to in-store and ATM transactions; online transactions are not declined, even when a location limit is activated.

Additionally, if a merchant is set up to use a corporate address and not a local address when processing your transaction, it could be denied if Location Limits are turned on.

Amount Limits

Setting a maximum transaction amount will decline any purchase or ATM transactions attempted over that amount. The limit applies to online transactions as well as in-store transactions.

Merchant Limits

Designate specific types of merchants that you wish to block. More details for each category are available if you click on that category.

Merchant limits apply to online transactions as well as in-store transactions.