Card Safety

Card Safety Tips

  • Carry only the card(s) you plan to use.
  • Know where your cards are at all times.
  • Memorize your PIN; do not write on your card or keep in your wallet.
  • Do not share your PIN with anyone. Take care to make sure no one is watching you enter your PIN. When entering your PIN, use your other hand to shield the keypad at ATMs and gas pumps to prevent cameras from capturing your PIN.
  • Ensure we have current contact information to reach you in case of suspect activity on your card. Confirm with us that your email address and phone numbers are up-to-date.

Card-Not-Present Safety Tips (Making Purchases Online or Over the Phone)

  • Never email your card number unsecured. If you need to email us, use our Secure Email Center to email us your sensitive information.
  • Never give your card number to someone over the phone unless you initiated the call.