ATM Safety

We take measures to protect our ATMs, but it’s a good practice to exercise caution not only at Kennebec Savings Bank ATM locations, but at all ATMs. Be on the lookout for the following schemes.


Card skimming is on the rise. Skimming is capturing card data from the magnetic stripe on the back of a card. Devices used to skim are usually small are often fastened (1) inside of, (2) over the top of, or (3) in close proximity to an ATM’s factory-installed card reader. This allows them to avoid detection by being either out of sight, or convincingly appearing as if it were part of the actual ATM.

PIN Capturing

Typically coupled with skimming, PIN capturing is strategically attaching or positioning a camera or other imaging device to an ATM, or even installing a fake PIN pad, to fraudulently capture PINs. Whereas skimming allows for stolen data to be put onto a counterfeit card, PIN capturing allows those counterfeit cards to be used to withdraw money at other ATMs.

Additional notes on skimmers

  • Skimmers are normally attached to ATMs during quiet periods (early morning, late evening, and weekends).
  • Skimmers are often in place for short periods of time (24 hours or less).
  • Criminals may loiter nearby to observe customers and remove equipment after the ATM is used.
  • Some skimmers transmit stolen data wirelessly.

Here’s what you can do to avoid being a victim of skimming.

  • Familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the front of Kennebec Savings Bank ATMs, and what to look out for (pictures here).
  • Call us at (207) 622-5801 to report any unusual appearance at a KSB ATM as soon as possible.
  • Check your account balances on a regular basis to detect any unauthorized transactions – the Instant Balance feature in Mobile Banking may help.
  • Always use your hand to shield your PIN while entering.
  • Any unmonitored point-of-sale payment location is also potentially at risk of skimming. Be vigilant at gas pumps.