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Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks using your phone or tablet!

Remember when you had to come into the bank to make a deposit? Not anymore. Bank when and where you want with Mobile Deposit! All you need is a phone or tablet with Mobile Banking.

How do I get started?

You will automatically be enabled in Mobile Deposit within one business day of first becoming a Mobile Banking user. Just select the Deposit tab at the bottom of your screen (or at the top of your screen if on a tablet) and follow the easy prompts.

You can also check out our Online Education Center for a video tutorial of Mobile Deposit.

Important Details

  • Processing time – Deposits can be made at any time, but will only be processed on Bank business days. Deposits made before 4 PM Monday through Friday will be processed and credited at the end of the day. Deposits received after 4 PM, on the weekend, or during a Federal holiday will be processed on the next business day. A mobile deposit will not immediately credit your account in the same way that a deposit made at an ATM or teller window usually does, but you can view the status of deposits within Mobile Banking.
  • Deposit status – After selecting the Deposit tab in Mobile Banking, select View Deposit History. Deposit History contains all of the mobile deposits that you have made over the past few weeks. You can view pending, accepted, and rejected deposits.
  • Endorsement – Please sign the back of checks as usual, while adding the words “For Mobile Deposit Only” or “F.M.D.O” under your name.
  • Retention – Securely retain the original check for 14 days or until verifying that the deposit has successfully posted, and then destroy it.
  • Limits – There is no limit to the number of items you can deposit in a day via Mobile Banking. However, there is a daily monetary limit of $5,000. Call us if you need to submit a mobile deposit over the limit.

Mobile Deposit on a tablet