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Samsung Pay Help

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile wallet offered by Samsung to make quick and easy purchases on Samsung Galaxy devices at contactless terminals. It also uses tokenization technology to ensure a high level of security, assigning a virtual account number (also known as a token) to your card that is used in place of your actual card number.

Why does Samsung have its own payment platform? How is Samsung Pay different than Apple Pay or Android Pay?

Most Samsung devices run on Android software, which means qualifying Samsung devices can use both Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Samsung has a unique technological advantage over Apple Pay or Android Pay, however. When a terminal at a retail location is not NFC-enabled, Samsung Pay has the ability to wirelessly emulate magnetic stripe technology found on the back of cards. This means that Samsung Pay can theoretically work at any location where you can swipe a card – a retailer does not need to have the latest terminal technology to allow Samsung Pay transactions.

How does Samsung Pay work?

When you check out at a retail location, you can pay with Samsung Pay by bringing your Samsung Galaxy device close to an NFC-enabled terminal, or close to (within a half an inch from) a traditional card reader. Simply swipe up on your screen to bring up your card, verify your identity with your fingerprint, and place it near the terminal, and the transaction should go through.

Sometimes, you may be asked to verify your transaction by confirming the last four digits of your card number. In this instance, you would use the last four digits of your virtual account number or token, which is displayed on the card as it appears on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy device.

How do I get set up?

You must first add your card to Samsung Pay. Find the Samsung Pay icon either on your home screen or in your applications. You’ll need to sign in to your Samsung Pay account. If you haven’t already, you’ll also need to scan your fingerprint and link it to your phone. You can add a new card by snapping a picture of it. You will likely need to verify with us (the card issuer) that you are genuinely enrolling your card in Samsung Pay as a security precaution, which you can do by calling us at (207) 622-5801.

What devices can I use with Samsung Pay?

Samsung Galaxy S6 phones or newer, as well as the Galaxy Note 5 or newer.

What KSB cards can I use with Samsung Pay?

You may use your KSB consumer, business, and HSA debit cards, as well as your KSB consumer and business credit cards.