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Card Help

How can I report a lost/stolen card?

During business hours, call us at (207) 622-5801. Outside of business hours, call Bank-by-Phone at 1-888-303-7788. Press 3 to report a lost or stolen debit card, or 4 to report a lost or stolen credit card.

How can I set or reset my debit card's PIN?

Call 1-800-992-3808 for our automated hotline to set up your card's first PIN, or reset it as needed.

What does it cost to replace my ATM or debit card?


Which ATMs can I use my card at without being charged a fee?

Your ATM or debit card may use any Kennebec Savings Bank ATM as well as any ATM in the Maine Cash Access network surcharge-free.

Can I use my card outside of the United States?

Yes, with some exceptions or restrictions depending on where you are going – see our Travel page for more information.

My card was just captured at an ATM. What happened?

There are two most likely scenarios:

  1. Your card has expired. In this case, you probably have a new card awaiting activation for you to use. If you do not, let us know and we will order you a new card.
  2. Your card was (irredeemably) coded as lost or stolen. Whether this was in error or not, we do not have the capability to reverse a card that has been given a status of lost or stolen. We would be happy to order you a new card.

For these, and other scenarios – call us at (207) 622-5801.

How do I get my card set up with Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay?

Check out our pages on Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Card Limits

ATM Daily Cash Withdrawal Limits
ATM, Consumer Debit, and Business Debit Cards: $500.00
HSA Debit Card: No withdrawals allowed

Point-of-Sale (POS) Daily Limits
Transaction Count: 25
Consumer and HSA Debit Card Amount: $2,500.00
Business Debit Card Amount: $3,000.00