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Application Process

The Catalyst Grant provides 501(c)(3) nonprofits located in the Kennebec Savings Bank service area with two $30,000 one-time grants, which are disbursed over three consecutive years. The purpose of the grant is to assist nonprofit organizations in achieving an objective it has not otherwise been able to pursue.

Criteria include:

  • Project must benefit Kennebec Savings Bank's service area;
  • Application must demonstrate organizational support for the project, such as a letter of support from the executive director and board leadership;   
  • Application may cover use of funds for (but is not limited to):
    • minor construction,
    • the purchase of supplies or capacity building equipment,
    • purchase of a specific service that supports the goal. 

Applications will not be considered for the following:

  • support of special events, fundraisers, annual or capital campaigns
  • non-profit board training, consulting or fundraising
  • funds to retire debt
  • funds to hire permanent staff

Application: Applications for the Catalyst Grant are available on the KSB website through the online portal. In order to be considered, all questions on the application must be completed by the stated deadline.

Competitive Process: A Catalyst Grant Committee comprised of nine Bank employees will consider all applicants. Using Catalyst Grant criteria as its framework, this ad hoc group will decide which two applicants will receive funds. Decisions made by the group will be considered final.

Questions: For additional information on this grant, please contact Amanda Cooley, Vice President & Marketing and Communications Officer, via email or 207-622-5801.